Nagasaki Washington Hotel is located near Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown.

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Nagasaki Washington Hotel
Welcome to Nagasaki Washington Hotel

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Nagasaki Washington Hotel

Welcome to Nagasaki Washington Hotel! (Google Map)
Nagasaki has the most varied history of any city in Japan since the opening of the port in 16th century and is now a busy and modern port town developing a unique regional culture incorporating elements of Japanese, Chinese and western cultures. There are many places to see and explore in Nagasaki including churches and Chinese temples, foreign residences along stone-paved slopes, entertainment quarters like Shianbashi, and many events such as Nagasaki Kunchi, Lantern Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival. Nagasaki Washington Hotel welcomes all of our guests, explorers of exotic spots or busy business persons by offering an irresistible combination of courteous local hospitality and clean, functional facilities.

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Great seafood meal any day

Bonjour - Coffee shop
Please feel very welcome to drop around for a cup of freshly-ground coffee that is very popular with our guests. Serves some light snacks as well.

Location: 1st floor


  • From 10:00 am to 18:00 pm (L.O.: 17:30)
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Guest Rooms

Air-conditioned with Light Wood Desk

The air-conditioned rooms at Nagasaki Washington Hotel come with a light wood desk, a 14-inch LCD TV and a video-on-demand (VOD) system. Free wired internet is provided, as are slippers and a fridge. A bathtub with shower attachment is equipped in the en suite bathroom. 

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